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Default Re: Chewing through cage

Is she chewing in the bottle hole area? That is quite common and people usually block up that hole with a nut and bolt Or you can get wood chews to fit in that hole that have a nut and bolt.

If it's another area of the cage then she will chew her way out eventually. Some female syrians need a lot of space. Or she may be just a chewer and might even chew the inner bars in a detolf.

The maxi duna is a lovely cage and a good size, but in my opinion doesn't quite offer the same scope for enrichment as a taller 100 x 50cm barred cage with levels and things attached to the bars and roof and front opening. However you're probably not going to be able to use a barred cage again.

A diy cage could be a good option (like the Linmon cage - although not that cheap to build).

A detolf could also be a good option - plenty of space and perhaps easier to fit in than a large diy cage (longer rather than deeper). If she did chew the inner support bars in the detolf, people have wrapped these with sisal string. But some hamsters have also chewed through the wood ends.

The issue really is how active they are during the night and needing a lot to do. So they need a lot of enrichment, as well as space. Plenty of hidey places, tunnels, different levels (but not too high) - places to go, things to do. Pringles tubes make good tunnels and cardboard is good for hides etc. If she's a chewer she may enjoy ripping up cardboard?

The other thing that can make them stressed and want to escape/chew their way out, is too much cleaning or moving things. It removes all their scent and they feel their territory isn't theirs any more. Invaded. So is there anything like that you think could be making her try and chew her way out? Weekly cage cleans arent necessary and do cause stress. Spot cleaning and "partial cleans" over a longer period are better.

I am also conscious that you must have spent quite a bit on cages so far, so any change of cage now does need to be something chew proof and a glass tank is the only real option there. Or a diy cage like the linmon. Glass fish tanks are very expensive unless you can find one second hand (a four foot fish tank would be ideal).

But Junglepets do make custom tanks with a lid for hamsters. Last time I was quoted I think it was about 125 but they charge for shipping too.

Linmon cage

DIY Ikea Linnmon Hamster Cage 🐹 877 sq ins for the same price as a pet store cage! - YouTube

Junglepets tanks

Actually more expensive now - for one that's a good size it's 169. That's 120cm x 46 x deep x 46 cm high. Has a pre made locking lid.

Hamster Gerbil Mice Tank 48"x 18 x 18 - 122 x 46x 46cm no platforms

They do do 3 foot ones (slightly shorter than the maxi duna) but they are not very deep. Only about 38cm deep which isn't deep enough for that size of cage for a syrian.

The detolf is also only about 38cm deep but much longer which makes up for it (163cm long).
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