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Default Re: What other pets do you all own?

I am a slave to:

Winnie - Cat - almost 7 years old and a rescue
Leo - Leopard Gecko - 6 years old
Oak and Birch - African Land Snails - both coming up to a year now
Inca and Aztec - Corn Snakes - 8 and 6 years respectively
Truffle, Holly (aka Buddy Holly) and Chaos II - Tarantulas - various ages and sizes lol!

I am hoping to get another dwarf hamster by the end of this year, but I need to save up again to get new toys etc.

In the past I have had several cats, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses and a couple of golden pheasants (which were my Nan's but we ended up caring for them).

So I am used to having lots of animals lol.

Mweekie xx

Currently being owned by: Little Minx (russian dwarf hybrid hamster), Winnie (cat), Inca and Aztec (corn snakes), Leo (Leopard Gecko), Truffle and Chaos II (tarantulas), Birch and Oak (Giant African Land Snails)
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