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Default Re: Chewing through cage

I've recently come across a female Syrian in an adoption centre who was a dedicated chewer.
She could only be rehomed into a glass tank.

You are not failing Drizzle in any way, you are trying everything you can to make her happy.

A detolf is very long but you could look for a second hand aquarium in a size you could accommodate. You'd need to make a secure, meshed lid though.

I take it that your hamster has a 28cm wheel, a big house, lots of enrichment, whimzee chews etc in her habitat to keep her entertained.

Are her teeth ok? I'm just wondering if they are too long and she's trying to wear them down.

As for rehoming as a very last resort. I rehome foster hamsters and ask for proof of a suitable habitat and knowledge about correct hamster care. I will only rehome to someone who can provide that.

I couldn't part with or rehome a hamster who is a family member.
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