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Default Re: Say hello to Pip (Aka Pipkin)

Eek! Decided to scan through the rest of the night’s video to see what he did. Around 1.15am he must have gone back to bed for a bit then up again around an hour later. More of the same thing - wheel, ladder sand bath. But a bit slower and more exploring this timeZ. Like most hamsters in a new cage he checked it out thoroughly, looking to see if there was a way out - behind the sand bath - checked every side and corner of the cage.

Then - saw him on top of the tube! The one on the right leading between two shelves. Walking back and forwards on in it like it was a tightrope. Clearly wanted to see if there was a way out above the tube.

Then jumped off! That was quite a high jump. Good job the house roof has hemp mat on it. After that just more of the same - sitting, exploring, wheeling- Until about 6.45am

Think I might need to tweak the area round the tube - although maybe he won’t do that again now he knows there’s no escape route above it.
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