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Default Re: How to resize photos 2018

Another Window then opens so you can choose where to save the resized photo

Select "Desktop" or "Pictures" on the left hand computer menu for the choice of where to save the picture (or you can select a particular folder in Pictures eg).

The file name of the photo is already typed in - but you can change that file name to whatever you want. So instead of IMG xxxx you could call it "Resized cage photo). Or leave it as IMG xxx and add "Resized" on the end. So you know it's your resized photo.

Then click "Save" (bottom right of window). And close Paint. Go to the location you saved the photo (eg the desktop or pictures folder and the photo will be there. The original photo will stil be full size and on your phone/camera or in its original location. The resized photo will be where you saved it to - as a copy. You'll know which is the resized version easily if you add the word "resized" to the title before saving it!

It sounds complicated but isn't - once you've done it a few times you can resize photos to fit the forum in seconds (or a minute or two). Then just upload the photo to the forum so they show in your message box (see thread on how to Embed photos).

How To Embed Photos

Resize in Paint 6.jpg
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