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Default Re: Say hello to Pip (Aka Pipkin)

Thank you Coco.

So here are a couple of nightcam clips. The second one is very short and shows Pip discovering the shelves on the right hand side of the cage (where there were treats to find).

The first one is a bit longer - he uses the wheel and sandbath - explores the bars a bit, has a snack on a chew on the main shelf.

There's also a bit of a view of Pickle's cage below and about 2.12 on the video Pickle comes out and zips up his tunnel into his Sputnik then back down the tunnel and starts running in his wheel as well

I've just put the links rather than embed the videos because the embedded window is so small you wouldn't see Pip - he's tiny! Better watched on the larger view!

Pip Roborovski - first night in Savic Plaza. Nightcam video - YouTube

Pip (Roborovski) explores Savic Plaza cage 2. Night cam video - YouTube

A few mini poops in the sand bath this morning.
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