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Default Re: Say hello to Pip (Aka Pipkin)

Interesting. I thought they all had furry feet - will check when I get chance. I just realised how Pipkin sounds similar to Pickle lol. But it's Pip really and so far it's come out as "little Pip" so that's probably what he'll get called most of the time. Whereas Pickle is Ickle Pickle. Which stepson commented sounded like Iggle Piggle from CBeebies (maybe that's why it comes out as Ickle Pickle - a subliminal thing from Cbeebies days).

Anyway no sign of Little Pip as yet but he's had a long day. The rescue told me he was quite angry at being woken up early today!

He didn't seem the slightest bit fazed by walking out of a pet carrier into a box in the sunny fresh air, or by being in the box. Maybe it's been a bit of an interesting adventure.

Stepson has gone from a grumpy "whatever" to mildly interested - partly because OH was quite interested. Still trying to think of a pet for him. He doesn't want a lizard. He wants something to cuddle.
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