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Default Say hello to Pip (Aka Pipkin)

So our new Robo arrived today. All went smoothly. He is absolutely tiny! Much smaller than Nugget was - but may still have some growing to do - he’s about 4 or 5 months old. He also seemed a lot less nervous than Nugget was. He seemed to enjoy being in a play bin (transferred there from a pet carrier when brought to us). And those are the only photos so far. He went through the kitchen roll tube a few times so took that opportunity to pick up the tube with my hands over the end and let him walk into his cage. Where he went straight into the labyrinth house. Might not see much of him now till settled! But have the hamstercam on 24/7 so might catch a few glimpses if he’s shy at first. He didn’t seem that shy though.

Say hello to Pip (Aka Pipkin)

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