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Default Re: I think my hamster has some health issues? I want to confirm

Originally Posted by Ria P View Post
I just read Serendipity's reply and realized what you were talking about when i zoomed in the photo of your hamster.

I thought his whole underside was completely bald which would have been worrying.

My apologies if i worried you unnecessarily.
It's okay. I mean it's my first time seeing him from his stomach and it's also my first time owning a hamster. I've had a cat before, but I gotta say that having a cat was a lot easier for me. From cleaning to not worrying so much. He has been behaving differently ever since I deep cleaned his cage. He always sleeps in different spots, which I've read from online is very normal for a hamster. I also ordered a playpen and I'm also trying to find a bigger cage that's not delivered by DHL (I've always had horrible experiences with this company). When I look around the pet stores their cages are even smaller than my current one, which is actually worrying.

Thank you for your reply
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