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Default I think my hamster has some health issues? I want to confirm

Around two weeks ago I got a dwarf hamster and it was already scratching and grooming himself at the store. I googled it and it said that hamsters groom themselves a lot and it's completely normal. I think my hamster has some health issues. For the first time ever I saw his bottom side and it's bald. I don't know what a dwarf hamster is supposed to look like and if it's normal. I just wanted to confirm. Also, please don't get mad at me.

I'm currently working nightshifts and he doesn't really do much, except eating and sleeping and scratching himself from time to time. Sometimes he does use his wheel, goes back to sleep.

I planned to clean his 'hideout aka house' and some other spots on his cage and add new bedding to it, because the last time when I did a full clean out I kind of ran out of the bedding. The last time he came out of the cage when I called him, but today he did not want to come out at all and not even with treats.

I don't have any exotic vets near me, will the regular cat and dog vets will be able to help me? I mean every website I visited in my city has cats and dogs and only one mentioned hamsters, so I don't think they're specialised with hamsters.

I took a picture of him:

He's back to his normal sleeping position and even though I want to clean the cage so bad before I go to work I don't want to wake him up.

What should I at least Google to see what a dwarf hamster looks like on his stomach? Aren't there supposed to be any hair? Are those bald spots normal? Am I worrying too much? Maybe he's just getting used to the new place and this is why he has been behaving strangely?

Hamsters are not easy pets to own at all. I feel so bad about myself. I also can't touch my hamster yet, because once when I did he jumped really high and got scared of me for a few days.

Please help.

Edit: I googled and it could've been mites. There were mites in his cage and I even asked about it on this forum. I haven't noticed any mites anymore, but I'll keep checking just to make sure.

Edit2: Showed the picture to my friend who used to have hamsters. She said it's very normal behaviour and her hamsters were the same. Then I said: "No fur on the tummy" and she told me to take him to the vet if I'm so worried.

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