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Default Re: reusing wooden toys after death

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
A Robo would be a lot easier actually in my experience. They are more watch and talk to pets. Ours never was really hand tame and was better being left in the cage (providing cage big enough). He was in an 80 x 50 cage but I wanted bigger ideally. If you still have the Barney cage it would be ideal if you could make a full level (too tall for a Robo without the full level). 100cm and has the narrow bar spacing.

Ours used to be out more than a Syrian once he gained confidence a bit. During the day as well. Often for a bit in the morning and then in the afternoon. They are very entertaining to watch and ours would sit snd listen when I talked to him. Had quite a few long conversations. But he ran away if you tried to pick him up and was terrified of you trying to get him out of the cage. I only managed to hold him twice in his lifetime!
Yeah I do still have the Barney, though idk if I can make a full level. I still have the shelf it came with plus a few other small shelves I could put in, and I can always make some hammocks out of fabric which would lessen the fall if they did (although I'd have to take them out and replace them with something else if they started chewing it). plus I'm planning on weaving cardboard through some of the bars to allow for more bedding which'll lessen the damage from any falls as well

the boy was never really out in the day either, he'd wake up at around 10pm and he'd be back in his burrow by the time I woke up in the morning - my dwarf(Mercury) was a lot more active in comparison, whenever the hoover was on near the cage she's always wake up to investigate the noise. as I've said earlier not being able to handle them would be no issue for me as my previous hams never liked handling either, Mercury I could tempt onto my hand with a treat and she'd stay there as long as she was eating, but the boy wouldn't even do that haha
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