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Default Re: reusing wooden toys after death

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
Exams not till next summer though maybe :-). I reckon you’ll be wanting another one soon! They do need a lot of attention Sheba they’re babies but another option is to adopt one that’s a bit older. I adopted Moo when he was a year old and he was so neat and tidy and in good habits! Very easy. Means they’re only with you for a year and a bit maybe though but it still seemed worth it.
Yeah no exams for a while, but there's a lot more content to go over and a lot more revision to do for a level than I'm used to from gcse haha. and I'm already wanting another hamster, my house feels so empty with no furry friends anymore since my pet rabbit also died last month :(

I'm considering getting a robo cause I've wanted one ever since I started looking into hamster care, but I didn't feel experienced enough to get one cause they're so small and fast I was worried I'd lose them haha. also, if I get a robo then it s another spices I've owned as every new hamster I've had has been a different species (my 1st was a winter white/hybrid (never quite sure which one she was) and my second was a syrian as you know) plus I can use my old dwarf-sized stuff I haven't been able to use for years and it can stop taking up space in my drawers :D
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