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Default really lazy syrian hamster

hello! my female syrian is almost reaching a year old and she’s started getting super lazy. ive noticed it recently this month and she hasnt been running on the wheel or leaving her house much even at night. at best she comes out for food and goes back inside to hide and sleep.

im not sure if she’s getting old for a syrian or she’s ill! there doesnt seem to he fur loss and she hasnt lost weight so im wondering if it’s normal for a 10+ month old syrian to act like this?

in addition, her ears are often flat now and she walks (or crawls) close to the ground and doesnt ask to be picked up. for reference she used to be very active and would run all night and climb all over the place.

when holding her she doesnt try to walk off anymore and instead just sits in my palm (which is quite sweet but unusual for her)

her cage is 100*50 and ive tried changing up the toys a bunch to no avail! is there something i can do to get her active and moving again? any help is appreciated )
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