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Default Re: Need advice on robos

I have heard about nite angel products and saw some on Amazon last year - some (not all) are virtually the same as the rodipet ones in Germany - I wonder if there is a link with them. Just looked on their website and they have the same "cage" that rodipet have (the tank style on that slots together). But also they have some hyacinth and sisal tunnels that look the same as the Rosewood ones!

I am curious as to if they just deal with lots of other manufacturers to sell under a different brand in the US (like Savic cages are called Lixit cages in the US).

The wheel is not one I have ever seen before. If it's good it must be competing with the Exotic nutrition silent runner and the Carolina Storm wheel - which have been the two big ones in the last few years.

Either way it's great there are now so many good hamster products in the US! I looked at the wheel on the website and it's 8.2" so they don't have a syrian sized one? It also looks like a similar design to the rodipet wheels (with the sliding height adjustment via the stand) but in acrylic. It looks a good wheel! Not cheap - but you pay for silent. The Silent Runner 9" is $3 less.

Good that there are options for both open wheels (niteangel) and closed (silent runner) though. I prefer an open wheel for a robo in case they fly out. I used to worry that with the ones with holes in they would catch themselves on the edges of the holes if they flew out!

Agree with Ria - sometimes they do things in their own time. It needs a good two weeks to settle into a cage and develop regular habits as well.

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