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Default Re: Hamster holiday care

I've always travelled with mine and found they were all perfectly happy as long as they were in their own cage. It means folding the seats flat to get in cage + playpen + box of hamster toys so it makes packing easy cos you can't take much luggage! After the first few times most of them did not even wake up when moved, but I did have one that insisted on standing up wobbling on the highest ledge so he could look over my shoulder. After several stops to persuade him down I had to lean over the front seats in a very inelegant position and dismantle the shelf before I reached the motorway. I didn't fancy trying to explain to the police I was only driving at 10 mph on the m1 cos the hamster wanted to see where he was going. Also I would never leave a hamster in the car alone so comfort breaks can't happen if I travel by myself!
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