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Default Hamster holiday care

Just wondering what everyone does for holiday care for their hamsters? I have had hamsters for 17 years and have not yet been away anywhere for more than one night where my hamsters couldn't go too but health problems mean that I now have to make a trip where I can't drive so my hamster will have to stay at home. My partner will be here and is OK with food and water but he is not able to manage out of cage time for an agile fast little ham. I would only be gone for two or three nights so would it seem reasonable to leave Skarloey in his cage for that length of time? He normally has his cage open all evening and in to the early hours but still spends about 75% of the time in his cage (his favourite wheel and chilling spot are in there). In future I may have to leave him with a friend but would worry about him being out of his cage in a strange place (although he has never tried to escape - he doesn't even climb out of his pen and that is easy to do). So I would just like to know what everyone does when they go away - do you trust friends or relatives to let your hamsters out of their cages? How long would you leave them with no out of cage time ? Also if you look after someone else's hamster would you feel confident letting it out?
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