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Default Re: Introducing my two new hams....

So three weeks on, and I making some progress with Enigma (dwarf). He's settled in quite well, and learnt whose is the hand that feeds him. He will take food from my palm or my fingers (if he likes it!) quite happily, and last night we got as far as a wee stroke - mostly because he thought I had more treats for him. But it's progress!

Holly (robo), despite her initial curiosity about her new surroundings, is terribly, terribly nervous and skittish around me. She won't take food from me, although I keep trying. She's still free-wheeling the nights away, but seems quite content. I was prepared for this with a robo, which is why I wanted a dwarf as well, although I do hope to make progress with her at some stage. I hope she doesn't get sick - ever - as I can't imagine ever being able to administer medication as we have needed to do with our previous two hamsters. She moves like lightning, and I would never catch her. Come to that, the vet probably wouldn't either! However, I would like to (a) weigh her, just to keep an eye on that, and (b) get her out of the cage into a playpen - except that she's so little, I think she might be able to squeeze through the bars, and then I don't think I would be able to recapture her! Any ideas on this, please? I can't get near her with a treat, so I don't think a treat in a mug or jug would work.

One other question: if I clean their cages one after the other, is it okay to put the second hamster into the playpen without cleaning the toys or equipment in between?
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