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Default Savic Hamster Plaza Review

Hi all,

Thought Iíd drop a review of the Savic Hamster Plaza which I moved my Russian dwarf baby to from a PicoXL a few weeks ago.

Some positives:
- The floor space is very big and provides a lot of room for toys
- It fits nicely on the IKEA desk I have (100x60cm Linton desk)
- The ramp up to the shelf can be made less step by putting more substrate in or the shelf lower. Plus you can put the ramp where you want it
- The door is big to allow for good access
- The little shelter provided is good and can be opened well for cleaning
- The tray is nice and deep to allow for a good amount of substrate
- The bar spacing seemed quite good for my Russian dwarf (canít comment on robos though)

Some negatives:
- Itís very difficult to set up if youíre doing it alone
- Itís difficult to move when set up if you need to, especially if your hamster is in it. The walls can come apart when lifting
- My baby was used to a few shelves so it was a bit difficult for her to adapt to the new one
- Iím not a fan of the shelf being rounded and no protection from falling, I had to move some things from below it in case she fell

I canít really comment on the wheel as my hamster didnít like wheels but it seemed a bit tough when I moved it with my hand
The bottle holder provided didnít seem to work but I think I put it in wrongly

Overall, Iíd recommend the Savic Hamster Plaza, just make sure you set it up where you plan to keep it, you have someone with you and set it up where you have space. Also, I wouldnít put anything under the shelf, if your hamster goes to the edge, they can slip.

(Shadow wouldnít recommend it though, it smelt too clean and new, and it wasnít her old home.)
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