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Default Re: help, My russian campbell dwarf's skin condition


Ok so it's been 8 days, and Zuki is still scratching, and the cuts on his skin don't heal because he keeps scratching. He still has red cuts behind his right and left ear, and still has those scaly things on his back,(although a little bit less than before, but still there.) And his tail is kind stiff.

The vet returned my call, and told me it could be fungal, so she suggests Zuki take a PCR test to see what fungal or ringworm thing he has. It costs $98, not including medicine. (oh and she was nice to not charge the $60 for the check up, for a second visit)
She said it could be trichophyton, and that it's more common with pocket pets.

She also told me to not put the lotion on him (for a week) so it doesn't interfere with the test results. I was using miconazole nitrate, an anti fungal lotion(liquid actually) (I still have it from when Jessi my robo also had skin problems- I went to another vet) but it ended up not working on Zuki.
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