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Default Re: Hamster monkey barring - Unsure what's causing it. Advice?

Originally Posted by CuddlyCritterss View Post
Any ideas on how to go about hamster proofing the room would be great!
Hamster proofing a room really means checking the environment inch by inch for possible hazards and removing the potential hazard. Electric cables, holes or cracks in walls or the floor etc, anything a hamster could chew or disappear into or climb up and fall off, things like that.
Hamsters are very creative, determined and reckless little animals.

Hamster proofing may not be possibility for you so don't feel bad if its not doable.

Even after closing all the doors leading off the hall and blocking off the stairs with a made to fit, slot in piece of wood, i still watched in disbelief as a small hamster managed to squeeze herself under the toilet door.

I thought that the bathroom was a safe bet until i watched a Syrian pancake horizontally behind the sink.
Hamsters do silly things just to find out if they can.

A large playpen could be an option if free roaming is not a safe possibility. You could also sit in a dry bath tub with your hamster to let him climb around on you. A homemade maze run made from cardboard boxes connected by empty plastic bottles could also be fun with toys and hidden treats to find.

A lot depends on the individual hamster's temperament.
I have a Syrian who is a crazy and fearless climber and never sits still and another who is a poser and often just sits or meerkats trying to look as cute as possible. He climbed up the back of the radiator when he was a baby and that was that.
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