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Default Re: Do male and female Syrian hamsters ever get on?

Dear respondents. Thank you for your comments and for trying to remain respectful, which is always important in forum environments.

One thing about the animal kingdom is that despite the instincts of animals there are always exceptions to instinctual behaviour, and it is useful to canvas experience. These are well documented, and I am sure you will have encountered some.

I am well aware of the natural solitary nature of the hamster, but I was interested to find out whether in the experience base of the users here, there have been any known exceptions. I have no intention of cohabitating these animals as I will not put them at risk, but it would be interesting to know if there have been any examples of this having been successful.

As for breeding the hamsters, I have no intention of taking the matter lightly, and have resources at hand, but thank you for your reflections on this. Your comments are duly noted.
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