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Question best next pet for hamster owner

so i just want to clarify this is not me saying i'm done with hamsters, i'm not! i currently have 3 still quite young hamsters and wouldn't trade them for anything!!!

but recently i've been thinking about what kind of next pet to get, i'm an animal person so most things are on the table (unless its something that eats frozen rats/mice like ferrets or snakes- i could never! >-<) and i'm just wondering whats the best next pet to get from someone who's v into hamsters and has had a lot, i'm rn thinking about maybe mice or perhaps a betta fish but there are like endless great options!

btw incase anyone is worried, i'm the kind of person thats not comfortable with getting an animal unless i feel like i know pretty much everything there is to know about them, so don't worry about me impulse buying

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