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Default Re: Do male and female Syrian hamsters ever get on?

The harsh reality of breeding is that any number of things could go horribly wrong. It's honestly careless and highly irresponsible to breed without extremely careful planning, knowing the genetic background of each hamster, etc - all things best left to those who really know what they're doing and not just the average hamster owner.

I completely understand that baby animals are adorable but for the welfare of both hamsters you really shouldn't breed them. They could easily kill each other or at the very least severely injure each other, not to mention you probably have no idea what kind of genetic background either hamster has so you could be breeding lethal genes together. Keep them apart permanently and do not ever let them get in contact again - doing so would be risking both hamsters' lives.

Hamsters are nothing like having dogs and cats together. They are naturally incredibly territorial and highly solitary animals, so you really should feel lucky nothing horrible happened and never let it happen again.
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