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Default Do male and female Syrian hamsters ever get on?

Do male and female Syrian hamsters ever get on? I have read countless countless accounts of reasons why hamsters cannot get on together. I have a male and a female hamster that I have religiously kept apart. However, yesterday the female hamster, poppy, escaped when I was out and found its way into the cage of dusty Dusty is much younger, and still actually almost a baby, at about nine weeks. Having read the doom and gloom about hamsters being together I had assumed that Poppy will have attacked or eaten dusty. However, I found them quite happily cohabitating. I immediately removed poppy. She was not on heat at the time. Iím sure we have all seen natural enemies such as cats and dogs get on wonderfully well, is there a chance that these two animals could happily cohabitate? I am quite keen for poppy to have one litter, although of course I understand that if I keep them together in an ongoing wayI will end up with many litters which is not what I want. Even though they managed to get on okay for a few hours I am guessing that that may be short lived. Does anyone have any reflections?
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