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Default Re: hamster losing interest?

Originally Posted by Amethyst_ice View Post
Hello, Welcome (both) to HC

It doesn't sound like anything is wrong. Some hamsters find free range a bit overwhelming or daunting having an open space. She may just be more active in new spaces with smells to explore. It sounds like you are doing lots for her. Also what time are you letting her out as she may have different active hours to when you are free ranging her

What size is your bin cage?
Itís just a bit odd since she used to be very active when free roaming no matter what until she mostly just stopped recently, I usually take her out when she wakes up since she gets up quite late and I canít stay up too late every night to get her out. She does get more active sometimes after being out for a while - so it could be that. I just donít understand why sometimes sheís active straight away while other times it takes longer. Also, her cage is supposed be around 800 square inches but it seems to be a little less - sadly I couldnít find any bigger in my price range.
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