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Default Re: What toys would be good additions to my tank? Is my tank okay?

Originally Posted by imthatpeep100 View Post
I just got my Syrian hamster Friday night, and I was mistakenly on the impression that hamsters don't need a lot of "boredom breakers". I plan on DIYing a lot of wood chews and cardboard interactable toys, but I'm not sure what Syrians tend to prefer. I also am not sure how many toys I should give her. Do they like having clutter on their floor space? I've seen a few DIY forage toys I'm going to try and make from spare oak board as well.

Otherwise, currently her set up is: wodent wheel 12 inch and sand bath on a DIY oak wood platform, a ceramic hide, 12-15 inch deep Uber paper bedding (It's really dusty so I'm gonna get kaytee from now on), torn up 1-ply toliet paper, DIY mesh lid and stand, DIY 3 chamber hide out on it's own platform, a ramp (will add better grips once I get safe glue), a water dish, a food bowl (but I plan on mainly scatter feeding). It's a 75g standard aquarium by the way!

Hopefully these pictures work:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

So far, she's been burrowing so frequently! I just gotta tell you guys it was so fun to lay under the tank since she made a whole tunnel system at the bottom her first night. It was really fun to watch! I know they need a lot of space, but it was still kind of shocking to see how quickly she used all the space!
If you have a bit of a shy hamster, they will probably benefit from a more cluttered enclosure, and even if your hamster is more confident, a cluttered cage can make them feel safer. I have a male syrian, and her loves having multiple levels, a variety of different sized hides, his sandbath, a jar filled with hay, and various things made out of cardboard and toilet paper tubes. Hope this helps!
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