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Default Re: Is 8% fat healthy?

Originally Posted by GhostBella View Post
No its totally fine! Most Hamster foods are between 7% and 8% mines 7.5%. Hamsters are high energy animals and burn off a lot of energy! on average a single hamster will walk 3miles a night. I always advise to fed a 'complete' food like hamster, gerbil and mouse nuggets it has everything they need and prevents selective feeding. That way u no hes getting the right nutrition! I weigh mines food out daily she gets 6g of complete nuggets and 4.5g of hamster mussily topped up with 3/4 treats and its just right. Dont push ur hammy to exercise he will only as much as he wants and dont forget while ur asleep his moving the equivalent of 3miles. As long as hes got a wheel and toys there fine. If using a ball they shouldnt be in it longer than half an hour and if u free run he will only do as much as he needs then find somewhere to sleep. The most important thing with hamsters is keeping them mentally stimulated and not letting them get bored.
I would strongly advise against using a ball because they are of no benefit for the hamster. They lack ventilation and paws can get trapped in the gaps. Hamsters run because they are trying to get out.
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