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Default Re: Dwarf hybrid losing fur.

I know vet appointments are hard to get at present but with it getting worse and being red, then you need to just really push it. Don't downplay anything, otherwise they will prioritise certain conditions over others. It soudns awful, without seeing a photo I can't comment, but the way you describe it sounds like it is very incomfortable and it will take a strain on them trying to fight it.

There is a whole thread on cushings in the health section.

I wouldn't self medicate as it is based on weight and also the staorage of metacam can effect it.

It isn't a good idea to give baytril as a preventitive measure as it makes it less effective, if it is mites than an antibitice shouldn't be needed, as antibs can bring their own set of complications such as stomach upsets.

A skin scraping isn't always needed, it would show demodex mites though which can be a more widespread skin irritation and loss, which is what I was maybe thinking.

Wait until you speak to the vet, perhaps they will ask for pictures.

I hope you can get it sorted asap. Small exotics are hard to come by unfortunately!
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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