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Default Re: Dwarf hybrid losing fur.

Thankyou. I did phone the vets to try and get winter seen earlier but there's no appointments. The receptionist suggested a vet phone me so im going with that at the moment. Hopefully once I've spoken ti them they will see him. I'm worried it will be infected by then so will ask if they can't see hime earlier if they can give him something metacam is a goid idea(I may have some left over from out last hamster who died of a tumour recently. Do you think baytil will help to prevent an infection? I think a skin scraping a good idea and will ask them to do that if they dont suggest it. How do I know if its cushings? Does it make the skin red? I find vets dont seem to know a lot about small animals like hamsters/gerbils. So any help would be great.Thanks
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