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Default Re: Introducing my two new hams....

Originally Posted by Amethyst_ice View Post
What wheel does she have? It is common for youngsters to get a bit wheel obsessed so it can be an idea to just put it in a few times a week at the start, especially in this weather
It's a freestanding Rosewood Pico wheel. Holly seems to be managing it a bit better just now, and is still free-wheeling the nights away. I don't like to take it out as she's so keen. I always thought the way to a hams heart was through its stomach, but the way to Holly's heart seems to be through her wheel!

As for the weather - well, that's not really a problem in our neck of the woods. It rarely gets above 20 degrees C, so I'm not worried about her overheating.

Thanks, Ria, for your suggestion re the biscuit tin. I will look around the house for suitable containers. If I can't find anything, it's a good excuse to go out and buy shortbread! At the moment, as the wheel travels, it bashes into the sides of the Detolf. For such a little thing, she's surprisingly noisy!
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