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Default Re: Sad about dog allergy

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
We tried that before. Stepson asked for a rat at about age 8 after seeing Harry Potter. Plus 8 year olds have that kind of attitude to shock horror and grim things. He gave up before I did when OH said no way. So Stepson isnt that bothered about rats now. Or caged pets generally. Understandable wanting a free roaming daytime pet. A rabbit could be that. Some rabbits are toilet trained and allowed to wander round the house. We had a friend with one though and it was an incredibly boring rabbit!
Yes, i've met people who had a totally house trained house rabbit. Not quite sure what pet rabbits do aside from hop and eat. Never seen one roll in a sandbath, climb up a clothes rail, run on a wheel or build a tunnel system.
Come to think of it, hamsters are quite exciting pets really, when they're awake.

Could be a toss up between an outdoor cat and an indoor reptile then?
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