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Default Re: Sad about dog allergy

When the rat shows get going again perhaps a little family day out to one of the northern rat club shows could be an accidental wrong turn on the way to a village farm shop Meet some real world smoosh floofs hehe

I keep trying to take a break from rats, especially after a hard year losing many last year... but I just can't imagine life without them now, had them,11 years! And I never wanted them to begin with even! I just felt bad the bf left me and them and as they were already rehomes i didnt have the heart to rehome them again!

Im hopefully picking up a pair of kits this week, eep!

I didn't realise budgie had to be kept in pairs at least, I see so many on their own. My friend has a very friendly cockatiel but birds are too "flitty" for my anxiety lol

My friend had a pygmy hedgehog that was amusing to watch!

Have ferrets been ruled out? Quite similar to rats in terms of groups and habitat I believe
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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