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Default Re: Sad about dog allergy

when I first got the rats and hadn't asked the landlord, I said they were long tailed himilayan hamsters lol
LOL! Amethyst - that really made me smile

Imogen that is good to hear about the birds. It's maybe a bit pot luck but even the idea of lung issues freaks me out. If it wasn't for the internet I may never have heard of such a thing!

I don't think anyone knows what it is that makes people allergic to what aspect of a pet - usually its some kind of dander that gets in the air and/or a protein in their saliva (which gets on their coats etc when grooming).

I think itll have to be a case of "trying out" pets by visiting them or spending time with them so that may have to wait until the world is much more normal. Although by then Stepson may have grown up!

I am happy with hamsters - I'm not allergic (which is brilliant) and like them. But the teen is looking for something else as a family pet as well.

Degus sound like they're off the list then. Off to google duprasi. Thing is then might as well stick with hamsters! I actually think rats are the best option - but OH has ruled them out.
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