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Default Re: Sad about dog allergy

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
Lol! Yes I know - I convinced OH about the Puppy (as a pedigree it was expensive - in the hope I wasn't allergic to that "hypoallergenic" breed - or we'd have got a rescue dog. OH wasn't keen on the cost!). I had never had a problem with poodles before - a friend had one - but it was some time ago and I guess things can change (my age?)

I have heard lizards can grow quite big. I am really not sure he'd be that interested though and then I'd be stuck with a giant lizard for 10 years!

I think it's the progression from cuddly toys and teddy bears - outgrown - not cool for a 13 year old new teenager. So a real cuddly pet is a real pal. I think ultimately it's about wanting a pal who'll react with him and a dog would have been perfect. It's why I keep thinking a rat would be ideal.

When we first got Charlie (who was a big hamster) OH was very unsure and said he looked a bit like a rat (he was the size of a small rat!) and wasn't keen at first - but of course got to love him when he used to sit next to him on the sofa.

But he has a total aversion to rats. And yes rats give rats a bad name!

I've seen a few bearded dragons for rehoming but wonder if they can have behavioural issues if no longer wanted and rehomed (maybe they have been rehomed a few times).
Yes, my granddaughter is a teenager since yesterday and is into horses now. Youngsters of that age also have a habit of changing their minds depending on what's popular with their friends.

Our Rodney looks like a rat and your OH likes hamsters. There isn't that much of a difference appearancewise. I think that you should drag him into a pet shop to show him that pet rats don't look like the rats behind a Takeaway shop.

Totally get the longterm commitment aspect with a reptile, something i obviously hadn't considered.

Your allergy is intriguing because i always thought that its the fur/hair that's triggering allergic reactions but you are fine with hamsters and react to a poodle. So you would react to a short haired dog like a pug or dachshund as well because you are allergic to dogs, full stop?

Age does come into it i think. I seem to have developed later life hayfever and now have Blepharitis. Never had crap like that before in my life, so must be my age (63).
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