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Exclamation How often to clean burrows/sleeping area?

Hey guys. Iím making this post to have a cage cleaning question answered about my Robo hamsterís bin cage.

He has a bin cage that is around 577 square inches. This is the enclosure his previous owner had him in and I might upgrade to a larger one eventually. His burrow/sleeping area is all the way under 9 inches of bedding. Iíve been holding off on cleaning his burrow/sleeping area because Iíve heard that it stresses hamsters to destroy their burrow. Can anyone tell me how often I should be cleaning the deep area of bedding that he sleeps in?

I have no idea how clean his burrow is because Iíve been afraid to check and thus destroy the burrow. Iím not sure if he pees in the burrow or not. He definitely pees in his wheel and sand area. He poops all over the cage but his poops are so tiny and hard to grab that Iíve just left them. Iíve read that hamster poop is relatively clean/safe.

I rarely have even needed to spot clean the bedding because the top layer of his bedding has no soaked bedding or anything else to really clean. Iíve only been spot cleaning his sand area. I also clean his wheel daily.

Iíve read differing advice online. Some people say clean the burrows once every 1-2 months while others say itís okay to wait until it starts smelling. So, if anyone could clarify for me how often to clean my roboís burrows, I would be so appreciative!

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