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Default hamster losing interest?

Hi! My hamster just turned 1 and she’s a lot less active than she was before, I worry she’s bored - but whenever I let her free roam in my room she just finds a corner to sit in and mostly does nothing. I try to put out a bunch of different toys and things for her to do but she doesn’t really take any interest and just hides somewhere. Could she be slowing down due to age or could it be something else? There are a few days maybe about once a week where she explores quite a lot and does run around - but the other days she doesn’t really do much. If I put her somewhere she doesn’t go often she also becomes more active and wants to move around. I’ve recently bought a lot more natural stuff for her cage and tried to add more interesting things and, again, she doesn’t really care about any of them. Also, sometimes she chews the mesh on the top of her bin cage when I put her in from her being out for a few hours in my room, when she didn’t move around at all while she was out? What could be the reason for this?
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