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Default Re: Hamster buried in pots after passing away?

Originally Posted by Imogen View Post
Ahh, I'm still a little confused though. This person I saw placed their hamster in a deep plant pot so I looked it up.

It mentions how it's okay to bury your hamster in a plant pot if you have no space or if it's illegal to do so where you live (considering some places you live have regulations like that). It stated at least two feet is enough and also states how you can either...

1. Dig a pit, place the pot into it and put stones on top with a plant.

2. Place it on your windowsill straight away


3. If you're worried about smells/bugs, place it outside on a balcony or in the garden for 2-3 months and fetch it back inside to place on your windowsill.

I've just asked on FB so going to see some more advice there as well.
Posted at the same time . Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. If you think about it - something the size of a hamster needs a fairly big pot to have enough soil etc surrounding to allow it to decompose and become part of the soil and plant. I believe it’s recommended to put some stones in the bottom of the pot - then soil or compost - then the hamster, then more soil or compost. But haven’t done it myself.

You probably could keep it in the house after two months when everything is fairly decomposed- if it’s a large pot like a planter and a plant that will survive indoors - but house plants tend not to live as long as outdoor plants. Also bear in mind other pets may try to dig it up from the plant pot. They can scent things for much longer than us. Which is why a 2 foot hole is needed in the garden.

One other thing is to bury the hamster on something biodegradable - like wrapped in tissue paper inside a cardboard coffin or cardboard box. Some people bury them in a favourite house - but it does need to be something biodegradable. Not a plastic Tupperware box!
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