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Default Re: Hamster buried in pots after passing away?

Agree. Most people who bury them in pots do so in large planters for outside. It has to be done right so there isn’t anything unpleasant (like seepage etc). I haven’t done it personally. Two of ours are buried in the garden. I did a two foot deep hole - anything less and they could be dug up. And even then you need to put something heavy on top for a month or two - like a large stone.

I put a stone bird table on top with our first hamster and a pile of stones with the last one (which were then removed after a couple of months and something planted there.

In both cases I also still “fenced off”
The area they were buried as our neighbours cart and rabbits can still dig down beyond the stone if the get a scent. I used an old fire guard round it!

After two months there will be no scent and safe to remove everything. There is no way I wanted our hammies being dug up! And you can then plant something over as a memorial or put a memorial pebble there with their name on.

After the first one died I couldn’t face burying another one in the garden so had our second one cremated. Individual cremation and the ashes are given back to you in a nice cardboard tube (or something more glamorous if you pay more). You can then either keep the ashes/urn or scatter them or bury the whole thing (no worries about it being dug up then).

But it is really expensive! The first time I opted for cremation I had no idea how big the bill would be! It was about 90 for an individual cremation. There are cheaper options of you opt for a “group” cremation where they are cremated with other pets and they can scatter the ashes for you if you want.

Our third hamster was also cremated. I still haven’t decided what to do and they are still on the window sill in a spare room! But all three of them had to be pts. With the first one it was bringing him home after being pts that I found so hard, before burying - hence opting for cremation for the second two who also went to the vets to be pts. Then you just leave them at the vets and they arrange for the cremation. The cremation service rings you later to pay and organise it.

With our last one - he died in his sleep at home so I buried him near our first one in the garden.

It is hard and sad whatever you do. Personally I like the idea of cremation and a reminder memorial - like a photo in a frame with their life dates on. Rather than the garden turning into a hamster graveyard if you have had a few! But I still keep putting off dealing with the ashes!

Our vet says she keeps all her dogs ashes in urns in the house!
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