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Default Re: Hamster buried in pots after passing away?


I bury all my hams and rats in pots outside but since moving have a garden now. I wouldn't bury in a pot for the house, the depth needs to be quite deep even for a hamster so people tend to do pots outside. I had to leave some of my burial pots behind in the move which did upset me a little but I brought some with me and I find it comforting.

I did dig a large pit for some and hadn't done it deep enough and found a nasty scene in the morning, so even small creatures need to be buried deep or have a rockery placed over them to protect

I personally like it, as when I see the plants grow and flower, I know my loved one has become a part of that plant and seeing it grow reminds me life goes on, the circle of life!

I'm also an archaeologist though so bodies and bones etc don't phase me!

Some people may keep a memorial plant in their home of their pet. Cremation is always another ooption but can be expenive
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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