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Question Hamster buried in pots after passing away?

I’ve noticed a lot of people bury their hamster in a small plant pot inside their house after they’ve passed away. Is this okay to do?

It’s not that any of my hamsters are close to leaving me as of yet, one is only 8 weeks old and another around 4 months old.

Asking as I’ve always buried my animals in the actual ground in my garden, and find it giving me a few slight chills knowing theirs a body right under that plant in the pot.

However, if this is fine to do. I would like to do it as well though for my small hamsters when their time is here. I find it cute knowing that they can be placed inside your home with a plaque and always be by you at home. Also is a great idea for whenever you move house as you grow up (I’m only 20 so have a lot of that to come in future I imagine with upgrading houses) and they can come with you as well.
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