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Default Re: Oreo is proving difficult. Please help. x

Thank you for such awesome and helpful reassuring tips.

Ria P
Oreo seems to be a very picky eater. Not sure what pets at home did with him but he leaves all his big chunks of food which is quite difficult, he doesn't seem to like a lot of treats either. But for one thing I sure do know he definitely seems to like fresh banana, millet sprays and that alligator chew. Unlike Remy, he's obsessed with those nutri care HealthyBites.

No, his bin cage doesn't have any door on the side, I'd add it but I wouldn't know where I could place it without having to not have any deep substrate. I really can't afford to purchase anymore enclosures phaha, I'd be in such deep trouble buy my family because they already know I've spent 60 on that bin box and 60 on the IKEA detolf. They'd chuck the hamsters out completely if I was to purchase another enclosure.

We have an old cage outside, but that's way too small so out of the option. As well as it's probably had all mice over it so it'd be so unsanitary.

I'm actually going to try both of them with egg later on, see how they like it. Vege is prepared before hand but sometimes I miss days because I fall asleep from being up early. Is it okay to put vege in there during the afternoon when they're asleep? Or is it best to wait until they're awake?
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