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Default Introducing my two new hams....

Yesterday I brought home my long-awaited new hams. They are both 8 weeks old. The Russian dwarf is a male, named Enigma. He is living up to his name as we have scarcely seen more than the tip of his nose since introducing him to his Forever Home and rather thoughtful. He seems very timid. He stared at me for a good while yesterday as though trying to size me up. The other is a female robo called Holly, very tiny, very curious and exploring her new habitat enthusiastically. She even came out briefly this morning. After the first night, she wheeled so much that her wheel had travelled and turned through 90 degrees, so I will have to find something to weight the base down with. Any ideas? The other problem with the wheel is that every time she stops, she tends to slide off altogether. I'm not sure if this is just because she is so tiny, or whether the wheel maybe needs some adjustment.

They are still settling in, and had a long journey home yesterday across the sea, so I'm not stressing them out by taking any photos yet. They will follow later.
Nice to have hams in the house again!

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