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Red face Re: Aging Dwarf

It's impossible to say.

My Syrian died at 22 mths, diabetic dwarf at 13 mths, Robo at 2 yrs, dwarf at 18 mths and now three of my dwarfs have health issues.
Maybe i'm just very unlucky because i try my best to care for them, take them to the vet etc.
Their short life span is the one and only drawback of keeping hamsters.

I find that dwarf hybrids have more health issues than Syrians and Robos which could come down to poor breeding and genetics.

Yes, i've read that as well that aging hamsters should have less protein and maybe Henry would have lived a couple of months longer if he wouldn't have loved egg so much. Who knows. Dwarf hamster food usually has mealworms in it. I would pick them out and offer as a treat, maybe a couple per day. I wouldn't cut back on green veg because they are good for them.
I'm not the best person to advise though, so hopefully someone more clued up will respond.

My dwarf Ozzy is the same age as your Loki and also has health issues. He's tame but not keen on human company. He was on my lap earlier and i stroked him wondering the same as you. How long are you going to be around, little friend. I have no idea.

Enjoy every day you have with Loki and don't worry too about the future because it is out of our control.
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