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Question Floppy hamster

I have two hamsters. Poppy (girl) and Dusty (boy). They are kept in separate bin cages. Poppy is 8 months old and Dusty 2 months old. I keep them in separate large and tall bin cages, which dont have lids because they are quite high, and they can't get out. I have a wood shaving substrate, exercise toys etc. One day Poppy went all limp, when she was about 3 months old (it was cool that day), so I rubbed her all over and eventually she woke up. Now Dusty, only about 1 month old, I also found limp (now in the summer and quite warm). She was lifeless and so I rubbed her and blew a little, gently into her mouth. This seemed to revive her - not sure whether it was the air, or the fact that hamsters don't like much to be blown on. This has happened twice with Dusty; I just found her lying on a tile, motionless, normally she is quite skittish as she is only just being tamed. Any ideas. I am keeping a close watch of Dusty. There is nothing out of the ordinary with my setup, they are being well, but not over fed on both dry foods and some veggies. They are both normally active, spend time out of the bin cage, and generally seem happy.
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