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Default Re: Too much protein? Higgins/Mazuri mix

Hey there.
Thanks for your input. So many people on various hamster forums were recommending the Higgins Sunburst seed mix and the Mazuri lab blocks so I assumed it was a high quality diet for my robo and went with it. I didn’t realize it was so unhealthy for him. Wow. His previous owner had him on oxbow pellets and some random seed mix and I thought I was improving his life by changing him to a healthier diet- Now I guess not! Lol

I’ll definitely purchase the Higgins Vita Garden mix and Purebites. Could you please tell me how much Higgins in weight and how much Purebites in weight should be added each time I refill his food bowl?

Thanks again! I really appreciate you letting me know that I wasn’t feeding Pancake correctly.
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