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Default Re: Introducing Hedge ♡

Originally Posted by LunaTheHamster1 View Post
Aww bless him, sounds like he is settling in.

You said you don't have a lot of money right now, but recycling costs nothing.
I've just done several videos about adding enrichment to your hamsters cages and the only thing I bought was some jute string (and hamster safe paint which is optional) which you can probably get for about $1-$2. With that you can make so many boredom breakers and hang things to keep your hamster entertained.

Setting Up The Savic Plaza Hamster Cage On a Budget - YouTube

Hamster boredom breaker - YouTube

Cardboard Mache Hamster Hides - YouTube

Don't feel like you have to watch any of them, just thought they might help.
Look forward to hearing more updates about Hedge.
Thanks! Iíll definitely check them out! I like making things anyway so it could be fun and give me something to do. If all goes well then Iíll definitely have to give an update on that (with credits to you, of course as well as links). ♡
Originally Posted by VOESSY View Post
He's just gorgeous, such luck to have found him.
Looking forward to seeing more of him and his story.
Isnít he? I never wouldíve thought that Iíd be caring for a hamster who somehow both got outside and was thankfully discovered and caught. Especially considering how small and fast he isÖ Iím happy to have the opportunity to care for him ^^
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