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Unhappy Constantly scared Hamster?


So I recent got a new Syrian hamster called Nutmeg. He's so beautiful but bless him is he shy! Its been over a week and a half now and he still gets scared so easily!

I got the picture around 4 days in and decided he still needs his time to settle, but it seems he's just absolutely terrified of everything! I popped a treat in with him and he seemed curious, but not curious enough to come out at all. I then nudged it so it was more under his hideout and he went to try bite it a couple of times, but then on the third bite he jumped back and hid.

I'm a bit worried as I obviously don't want to stress him out at all, but he literally never comes out and jumps at almost everything. My mum literally just tutted quietly the other day and he jumped! Besides being scared of everything, he's eating and drinking normally and does love a good run on his wheel. I also put a sand bath in for him and he mainly uses it to dig and poop

Am I overthinking it? My previous two hamsters were really inquisitive and very out going, do I just have a particularly shy hammy?

He's got a new enclosure 120cm x 45cm x 50cm with 25cm of compacted kaytee bedding and lots of chews/bridges/hides so I'm really unsure as to what I can do to help him as it seems sometimes that he just wants to escape
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