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Yes, Robos like whimzees too, even the ones bigger than themselves and they'll try to carry it off to their nests.

A Robo is still a proper hamster, just a very small version.

Regarding houses, depends on the Robo but i'd get one. Robo Kev sleeps in his and Robo Monty uses his like a porch to his underground nest.
I haven't met a hamster yet who doesn't like a coconut hide. They all seem to love them.
I'd also get a wooden log with the holes in it while you're in Ness, they're popular with Robos.

There isn't really any difference in the care of a Russian dwarf and a Robo. I find that Robos like to have two wheels, an upright one and a flying saucer, saying that, all our dwarfs have two wheels.
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