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Yes - I planned to use a glass shelf adhered to a piece of wood of some kind, or even a piece of wood sandwiched between two glass shelves. If either of them were True Gnawers like my Theo used to be, a piece of wood on its own would not be nearly enough to keep them apart! It's a good idea to keep the houses and burrowing areas at opposite ends. Oh - another question: I've read that robos don't bother with houses much and just snuggle down in the substrate. Is it worth buying him / her a house? I will buy a second coconut so they have one each; the coconut was a hit with Freya.

By the way, is it okay to give the robo a Whimzee? And is there anything else I should know about looking after a robo?

Interesting that it's only the Syrians that seem to react to the opposite gender. In that case, as long as I make the divider a snug fit, I may not need to seal it. I looked at a couple of videos today about dividing a detolf, and one of them did not use any kind of sealant. (That's a good thing, because the sealant recommended in the other video seems to be unobtainable just now.) It also means I can revert to using the whole enclosure in future if there were changes in my hamster family.

If I do end up buying two dwarfs as opposed to a dwarf and a robo, I will be sure to make check that they are the same gender.

I've had to order a new carrier as I only have the one, and will need another to bring home the other ham. As soon as that arrives, and as soon as we can get booked on the ferry, we'll be off to collect them!

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