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Default Rodney escaped!

Just now, i was in the open plan kitchen lounge when i heard rodent noises from behind the big chair. Thinking that it must be a rat or a mouse i looked underneath the chair to see very familiar, white little legs. I looked behind the chair and a sleepy looking Rodney looked up at me surrounded be stuffing from inside the chair.
I looked over at his cage and couldn't believe my eyes.

I know how he got out because i've watched him trying but never thought he'd be strong enough to push the top door open. He had climbed on top of a mat i had fixed on his ceiling to stop him from monkey barring towards me when i sit at my desk. He'll do anything to get my attention and he's not a neglected hamster who doesn't get enough ' me me me ' time. Ok, i work overnight twice a week at the moment and i did last night because we are so short staffed and he does not like that one bit. My OH feeds and chats to him when i'm away so he's not even left alone.

Of course, i'm a bit worried now that he may have eaten some chair stuffing and the mind boggles thinking of where he could have gotten to but he's back and that's the main thing.
One thing i have learned and i really should have known better by now:

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